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Perfect Cloud Storage Just as You Look for

Cloud storage is hot, but is it perfect too? And what about the security of your data? Just some questions that may only raise more questions.For example, storing your complete photo collection and other essential documents with a cloud storage service sounds appealing and it is partly also. But it is certainly not just rose fragrance and moonshine as far as online storage is concerned. First of all, there is always the risk that a provider will drop it or go bankrupt.

What happens to your files then is waiting and sees. Then there is the not unimportant aspect of safety. Yes, cloud storage is usually well organized in terms of hardware. For the most part, everything is stored in a large data center where regular backups are made without you having to worry about it. However, safety also includes aspects such as protection against theft and other forms of manipulation and abuse. And that is a lot more difficult to control and manage for you as an end user.For that depending on iWV (ICONZ-WEBVISIONS PTE LTD) is better.


Password the first hurdle

Proper security of your data starts with a strong password for the chosen service. If necessary, use a password generator to generate robust passwords. Choose something with a length of, for example, 10 or more characters and you are pretty safe. Make sure that this password is stored in a safe place – if necessary in a password manager. If possible, use 2-factor authentication. An extra, unique access code is generated via an app on the smartphone (or a message). Even if a digitize then guesses your password, he does not take a step further because of the absence of this extra code.


Sometimes providers promise encrypted storage, but the question remains whether the provider itself does not yet have access to those encrypted items. If you want to play safe in that respect, it is wise to first encrypt files yourself. For example, use a tool likes the free 7-zip. Has the added advantage that your files and zips (making them smaller) and can encrypt securely. Files thus uploaded cannot be read by the provider of the cloud storage without the corresponding password. Provided you have chosen a strong password again, of course.

Also from NAS back up to the cloud

We do not call Sinology for nothing. Apart from files, it is also possible to share photos – whether or not they are divided into albums – with family and friends. A great advantage of a NAS as the basis for this application is privacy. All photos are stored locally, and provided they have strong passwords (there they are again …) nobody comes to your details. The NASs of this brand now also offer the extra control via an app, so even with a well-guessed password; a malicious cannot enter your system.

Best in Online Support That You Can Have Now

When you start your business, you need to set up communication tools to promote it to your target and acquire a customer portfolio. But how to choose between all existing media (logo, brochure, website, flyers, business cards, posters.)?In this article, we will give you some tips for setting up the best start-up communication media package according to our experience. We will show you the off-line and online supports that we consider essential to communicate well from the creation of your company as well as some additional supports that you can consider according to your budget.

What communication media to get started?

A good logo for high-performance communication media

The creation of your logo is the basis of your company’s communication. Without (good) logo, no recognition possible and no real communication strategy either. Having a logo for your business does not necessarily mean spending astronomical sums for a font, colors and a pictogram of the level of the biggest groups. It simply means setting up a set of fonts; colors and sometimes a pictogram (this is called a graphic chart) that will be included on your entire communication mediator indicate that they come from your company. Be careful when using logos banks and logos created with Word, Paint, etc. If you wish to use it, check the rights attached to it. Also be aware that in most cases they are not single-use and nothing will prevent one of your competitors from choosing exactly the same for their own communication. This is to learn how to create a good logo for your business. You can also try for get me support online now.

A professional and effective website

In our opinion, creating a credible website for your organization is also an essential part of any company’s communication strategy. This is the communication medium to invest after your logo because it will be the showcase of your business on the Internet and we know the current importance of the web in our lives (and therefore in the life of your business target, whether they are individuals as professionals). If we insist on the importance of setting up a professional website from the beginning, it is because it will be visible and accessible at any time, every day, whether your offices are open or not.

A commercial brochure for your paper communication

Designing and printing a commercial brochure is also important if not essential to launch your business you plan to conduct field prospecting. Indeed, a brochure (or brochure) will allow you to leave a trace of your passage and recall your activities / services and your strengths to people you have had the opportunity to meet.

Flyers (to introduce yourself, describe your products or indicate your rates)

Providing flyers for your business is an interesting and cheap way to make yourself known locally. It is thus a support to favor if your company works on a precise zone (zone of intervention for an artisan, catchment area for a store or a restaurant). The flyers are advantageous offline communication supports because they are easy to distribute or to deposit (mailboxes, windshields, local shops, town halls). Creating flyers can also be useful as part of an online store. Although they will not necessarily serve you to publicize the shop, they can play a determining role in the loyalty of your customers by slipping them in packages.